Charities We Support

We are committed to giving back in ways that help empower people
to support environmental sustainability and promote positive change. 

Here are some of the organizations we donate to: 


Since 1989, Trees for the Future has planted over 124 million trees around the world. 
That’s a lot of trees and a lot of fresh air! 
With help from local organizations and supporting partners,
Trees for the Future provides the resources and education to help communities replant deforested areas and revitalize barren farms.
The trees provide fuel and shelter,
while helping to transform unproductive farmlands into sources of food, work,
and security for families.
Farmers are taught to build and tend Forest Gardens
where trees, fruits, and vegetables grow together to empower communities with
self-sustaining access to reliable nutrition and better income.
Want to help? 
Buy 1 item, we plant 1 tree!

We love Greenpeace because they bravely fight on the front lines to protect and restore
our fragile eco-zones. 
They’re everywhere – protecting the Arctic wildlife and oceans,
stemming the tide of deforestation,
and lobbying our Congress. 
We know we can count on their scientists, activists, sea captains, and campaigners
to work hard to fulfill the vision of a sustainable future.

We are proud to count Whole Foods Market among our valued customers since 2004
and are happy to donate to their foundation. 
This organization provides small grants to sponsor self-employed families around the world
who supply products to Whole Foods.
In 2014, they provided monetary help for 808,639 small entrepreneurs in 61 countries. 
Visit their website to see the impressive results.

As a clothing design company,
we’ve always been impressed with how durable and beautiful hemp fabrics are. 
Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make many things –
from rope to paper – and is agriculturally sustainable, too!
Hemp thrives in poor soil and uses little water and few pesticides. 
Unfortunately it’s illegal to grow in this country, so industrial hemp is imported. 
We like Vote Hemp because they strive to build acceptance of industrial hemp as a viable commercial crop
and lobby to change laws about growing low-THC fiber and 
oil-seed varieties of Cannabis.