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who made your clothes?

Gypsy and LoLo you ever wonder? We are super excited that has opened the doors for people to explore this question and find answers. We are happy to share our story about the manufacturing of our Gypsy and Lolo accessories. 

 It all starts in North Carolina where our fabric is made from recycled cotton yarns.  Here are Rodger and Jonathan working on one of the knitting machines.

Once the fabric is made it is shipped to our cutting factory in Oakland CA where it is cut by Daniel. Below is a photo of Daniel and his assistant rolling out fabric on the cutting table.


All the cuts travel from Daniels to our sewing factory in Alameda, Ca. That's about a 3 mile trip. Angela and her sister Connie have owned and operated their small sewing shop in Alameda for 27 years. They employ 12 people all of which are paid and treated fairly.

Both Angela and her sister Connie work alongside their employees, ensuring that they all have a good environment to work in.  We often visit their factory with our two children and all of the workers greet them with smiles and treats.

Here is Angela working on a pair of our wrist warmers.

This is Chang sewing our scarves.

Karen is doing the last inspections on our hats and getting them ready to ship to our warehouse in Arcata, Ca.

Now that all of our accessories are done being sewn they are ready to be packed and shipped off to stores across the USA.  We do all the shipping from our warehouse in Northern CA.  Here is Gypsy's mom Nancy packing the boxes.


Thanks for caring and supporting brands that are ethical, eco friendly and transparent with their manufacturing process.

Sincerely, Loic (Lolo) and Gypsy



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